Software localization services include the adaptation of a product to a new language and culture. The success of a localization process relies not only on the ability to accurately and clearly translate user interfaces and documentation, but also on the ability to capture cultural nuances, create a consistent look and feel & ensure local usability.

At MGS Language Services we use an advanced localization workflow to ensure high quality results at cost-effective pricing. This includes the utilization of engineering processes for automation and linguistic consistency, as well as Desktop Publishing for graphic consistency. Some of the many guidelines of our localization process include:

  • The Development of glossaries and translation memories for every client – ensuring consistency between translations across projects and minimizing cost and turnaround time.
  • The utilization of advanced CAT tools including Trados, DejaVu X, Alchemy Catalyst, SDLX, Helium, LocStudio and Passolo.
  • The handling of resource files (rc, java properties, xml, etc.) and binary files (dll and exe)
  • Employment of numerous graphics applications for DTP purposes, including Photoshop and Flash. These allow us to localize diagrams, animations and even interactive content.